Area typology:

It is situated in between two magnificent areas:

Drahanská vrchovina – there you can find Moravsky Kars, an area highly sought after by turists (natural reservation area, Punkevni Cave, Macocha – the biggest abyss in the Czech Republic and in Central Europe, water fall, etc.).

Českomoravská vrchovina – is one of the oldest mountains in the Czech massif, it is the closest to the natural reservation area Žďárské Vrchy with the highest peak Devět skal (Nine Rocks) at 836 m.


Porčův Mill Býkovice (390 metres)

Come and experience the unique functioning overhead mill. You will witness  the grinding of the grain alongside the expert explanation of the process by the miller. You will tour the mill in its entirety including the wheel and its mechanism which will be in motion. After the tour you can come and enjoy Czech cousine in the “Krčmě u mlýna” pub which is situated just on the banks of the mill lake. The lake also offers opportunities for fishing.  We will prepare the fish according to your wish. You can have a romantic randezvous at the mill, including a stylish wedding reception. For more information visit the mill’s website: Water mill in Europe


Tennis courts (200 metres)

The multifunctional court in Bykovice u Lysic can be used for tennis, foot tennis, etc.


Indoor swimming pool, steam, wellness,… (in the hotel)

All of this and much more can be used on the hotel premises. After the massage and swimming pool you can enjoy a glass of wine or Pilsner beer.


Horse rides (inquire in the hotel)

In Bykovice our sweet horsewomen, Barča a Kačka will make sure that you have an unforgettable experience. A horse ride is a joyous experience not only for the little ones. For safety reasons all riders are required to wear helmets. And…don’t forget to bring your camera!



Bykovice offer the ideal weather conditions for powered and unpowered paragliding. You can sign for a course with the best paragldinign school – Paragliding school Jožek Káčer. More information about the paragliding courses may be found on the  Paragliding website.


Fishing in Bykovice (390 metres)

You can borrow a fishing rod from the local pub and fish in Lake Bykovec, situated by the Porcuv Mill. The pub cook will prepare the fish according to your wish  – fresh grilled fish.


Sheep and goats by the mill (390 metres)

Take a tour of our little zoo and pet these remarkable animals. It has been proven that people who are spending their free time around animals are less likely to suffer from trepidation, stress, high blood pressure, increased heartbeat and high cholesterol. If you came from the busy city life come and enjoy the nature – it will make you feel good.  The miller of the Porcuv Mill in Bykovice can tell you all about it..


Moravsky Kars

Moravský Kars with its deep forests invites the turists to long walks, mushrooming, hiking on marked trails or mountain bike rides  is one of the most significant kars areas in Central Europe. In the Moravsky Kars you can find more than 1100 caves with the four gbiggest ones being opened to the public – Punkevní Cave, Kateřinská Cave, Balcarka and Sloupsko-šošůvské Cave.

Macocha Abyss (25 minutes by car)

The Macocha Abyss has a depth of more than 138 metres and is the biggest cave of  its kind in the Czech Republic and in Central Europe. You can tour the abyss,or enjoy the flooded cave from the board of the boat. It is the longest cave system in the Czech Republic – 35 km.


Kozarov Observation Tower (10 minutes by car)

The observation desk of the tower is 24m above the ground allowing for amazing views of Jeseníky, Pálavské hills and the Moravský kars – the foothills of the Czechmoravian highland.


Arboretum Borotin (30 minutes by car)

We shouldn’t forget the Borotin Arboretum in Boskovice, which was established in 1918 and is currently undergoing reconstruction. Once there, you can visit many gardens such as Japanese, Chinese, English and Dutch, bonsai, myriad interesting trees, extensive alpinum, herbs dispaly and much more. Its traditional sales exhibitions are held four times a year, from April to December. Here, the visitors can also see the exhibition of carved native scenes.


Big and Little Chlum (10 minutes by car)

The wooden observation tower (Little Chlum) is nicely replenished with nice benches and bike holders.  Jokingly it is said that it is the biggest bench in the Czech Republic, but this does not change the fact that it affords magnificent views and paradoxically it is higher than the  Big Chlum, an interesting sandstone dominant with sculptures by the famous autodidact Stanislava Rolínka.


Blaničtí Knights (15 minutes by car)

Nearby Boskovic, in Rudka u Kunštátu find Blanik Knight’s Cave, created by self-taught Stanislav Rolínek the sandstone and the statues will find sv. Vaclav Blanická knight legionary lion and more. His other sculptures can be seen on the sandstone dominant Big Chlum.


Biggest  Masaryk statue (15 minutes by car)

Some statues in a time machine and political regimes vary hunted. Like the statue of first Czechoslovak president Tomas Garrigue Masaryk at Moravian Kunštátu, which was established here at the turn of the 20s and 30s of the last century. After the era of the Nazis and the Communists out of it survived a giant shoe. Excellent article on this site can be found here: Link IDNES


Palaces and Castles:

Castle Lysice (5 minutes by car)

Lysice baroque castle, a national cultural monument, with its beautiful gardens and renowned colonnade with a covered walkway. Newly renovated orangery (special greenhouse for tropical plants) and a unique fig tree. The interior houses a collection of Czech glass, porcelain, files oriental works of art, a valuable collection of weapons, paintings, …. The perfect place for a wedding ceremony at the castle (Castle Wedding). Hotel Lysice Restaurant is located 250 meters from the castle.


Castle Boskovice (15 minutes by car)

Boskovice empire castle, a UNESCO cultural heritage and its current owners are the original owners. And they held in the castle grounds svatohubertské festivities with a rich program and other interesting events.


Stronghold Boskovice (15 minutes by car)

Romantic well-preserved ruins of the Gothic-Renaissance Boskovice Castle, which dates back to the 13th century.


Chateau Letovice (15 minutes by car)

Another lock Letovice, since 2004 privately owned and are still ongoing reconstruction. In the courtyard are regularly held exchanges antiques and craft fairs. Letovický landscaped park in the English style is one of the most valuable natural landmarks in the district Blansko and is open year round.


Kunštátský castle with park (10 minutes by car)

The castle garden, very attractive for tourists and crowded building. The interior houses a collection of Czech glass, porcelain, files oriental works of art, a valuable collection of weapons, paintings, furniture and library Austrian writer Marie Ebner Eschenbach. At the castle takes place throughout the year a series of events, concerts, fencing tournaments, exhibitions etc. National Historic Landmark. Among the oldest manors in Moravia. Under the southern walls of the castle there is a cemetery (and dog) from the late 19th century, one of the few surviving with us. Every third weekend in September in Kunstat progress “potter’s Fair”, with a rich accompanying program.


Rájec on Svitavou (15 minutes by car)

State Chateau – Classicist chateau of the French type was built in the 18th century. Attracted mainly splendid interiors of the princely family of Salm. The rich collections of the then outstanding extensive collection of oriental porcelain and the famous castle gallery. Tradition castle garden demonstrates extensive English park and annual thematic exhibitions of flowers in the historic halls of the castle.

Western town Boskovice (15 minutes by car)

Entertainment center, horses, guns, sketches of the wild west, climbing center. Exclusive tour of the Lost World – dinosaurs and more.

Where to ski or snowboard?

Hodonín u Kunštátu (15 minutes by car)

Ski lift 629 m above sea level, length of piste 500m, 1 poma, night skiing, rental equipment, …

Olešnice na Moravě (20 minutes by car)

Ski lift 629 m above sea level, length of piste 500m, anchor and poma, night skiing, rental equipment, …